Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Around the corner!!

OMG - we only have 15 days and 20 hrs until we will all be arriving in NOLA! Can you believe it? We are going to have a blast!!! The packages are almost ready and my craft projects are coming to an end so that means we are about ready to go. We are going to purchase her Lingerie next weekend so I can't wait to pick out something "horrible" hahaha. Vanessa came up with a great idea to do a scavenger hunt with her gifts for the party and I think it is a great idea and goes right along with the party atmosphere. We are going to get the gifts from everyone on Saturday and hide them in usual places then give Lauren some clues to make her find her presents before she can open them..........................now since this isn't happening until Sat. night I am sure that none of us will have had any drinks during the day to delay our judgement so it should be a quick game..............right?? Well, maybe none of you will have had any but I plan on filling up on Hurricanes while I am in the capital way before this goes down! Let me know your ideas!! If anyone has something fun to add, please let me know.............I am all open to suggestions on how to make this weekend even more memorable!

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  1. You're my hero.....filling up on Hurricanes???? One is all I can do and then it's night night time!!!!!! You GO Girl!!!!!

    Very excited.....I know this is going to be an AWESOME time!!!!!!