Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Good Morning Ladies,
Welcome to Lauren's Bachelorette Weekend Blog!! This has been set up to provide you all the needed info about our upcoming trip to NOLA in honor of Lauren's Final Fling! I will be posting all information on here and sending updates through the site (so make sure to sign up as a follower).
Several links have already been included on the right side, including the house, places we will be going and a survey. I will put some information in regards to the lingerie shower up here after Christmas as well as copies of everything that will be sent out in your packets (just incase you misplace it). You can use the link on the right side to send me e-mails or contact me directly if you have any questions.
I am looking forward to a crazy weekened with is around the corner.



Oh - I also wanted to make sure everyone was aware that Lauren DOES NOT know about this blog and we don't want her to have access since it will have all the info on it and it might ruin the surprise for her....:)!! Thanks!!