Thursday, January 6, 2011

T-shirt and Contact Info Needed

Good Afternoon Ladies,
Please review the sizing chart for the t-shirts I e-mailed out earlier today and let me know what size you would need ASAP!! The shirts are considered “unisex” but it appears that the sizing is labeled for men – FYI. The other option for shirts were the Junior Fitted women’s T’s and they weren’t very long and might not fit everyone with over size C boobs…  so we are going this route.

On another note, I will be sending out your info packets in the next couple weeks and I would love to include everyone’s contact info. Having a cell phone number for each person might prove to be useful while in NOLA or even on the trip there.

As always, you can contact me anytime with questions or ideas (817-714-9759).
Thanks so much!!

P.S. For those of you that haven’t gotten your velour suits to Prissy along with $$ yet and you would still like to do so, please get it to her by the 19th. She will be coming up here that weekend and we are going to try and make an appt. to get them all done at that time. Generally the large bling on the back is about $10 and the small one in the front runs from $5-$7. You can choose not to have anything put on it as well, it is up to you.

- Paige

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